God Plus Us is on the road once again with our new product: Abba Father.
   Sorry to say that our schedule does not reflect the places we will be.The truth is; we don’t know where we will be until God opens the door to go there.
   I have spent my life and ministry being spontaneous. Whenever or wherever God wants me, I will drop everything and be there.
   It’s a different thing to plan where you will be than letting God put you where He wants you.
   Sometimes, money plays a part in what we do in our ministries. God has always provided. I’ve never made a profit. I couldn’t make a living.But I have had what I need to do what God wants me to do.
   It works for me!
   Pray that God will put us where He wants us and He will provide the means to get there.
   I love being on the road. Meeting new people.Sharing blessings and trials.We need your prayers and your help. Please buy our product.Please ask your church to have us come and share.If God leads, please pledge even $5 or $10 per month to help us with gasoline (6 mpg).
   Our e-mail is jim@godplusus.com or call 1-800-861-4896 and ask for Roger or leave a message.
   To reach us while we are on the road, call 1-740-541-7146.