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Abba Father Cover

1 They Don't Call Me Father Anymore
2 He Is My Saviour Unison
3 Talk To Me Lord
4 I Pray For You Lord Unison
5 God's Not Pleased!
6 The Original Superman
7 The Master's Promise Unison
8 Wings Of A Eagle Unison



Train To Glory CD

1 Train To Glory
2 Give Me Flowers While I'm Livin'
3 I Pray For You
4 Amazing Grace
5 Are You Prayin' Hard
6 Requiem For A Soldier
7 This Is My House
8 Special Delivery
9 Who Was That Man
10 Your're The One



God Has a Plan CD
1 God Has A Plan
2 Ain't It Amazing Gracie
3 Sing Me A Song About Jesus
4 America
5 God Cares
6 Sometimes
7 Do You Still Love Me
8 Jesus Is The One
9 Just Another Bum For Jesus
10 Love Never Ends
11 Peace In The Valley


Jim and Graice in Nashville CD
1 The Sunday School Song
2 The Lord's Prayer
3 He Grew The Tree
4 It Must Have Been Jesus
5 Gettin' Ready Today



* Get Both Jim and Gracie in Nashville and Memories Of A Childhood for $10.00
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